Our Mission

We are a welcoming family church with a heart for our local community whose aim is to know Christ and make Him known


God wants to have a relationship with us all. We can build that relationship through worship, bible study and prayer.


At Cullybackey Methodist we can help you build your personal relationship with God through our worship services, small groups and mid week prayer meetings.


"I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father unless by me".

Our Beliefs

The Methodist Church is a worldwide communion of over 70 million people which originated from the time of the Wesley brothers, John and Charles, in the mid-eighteenth century. John was ordained by the Church of England and he and his hymn writer brother Charles, were members of a group of young men who met daily to pray and study the Bible whilst at Oxford University. Nicknamed “the Holy Club”, they were so methodical in their lifestyle that they were called Methodists, a name which eventually became that of the religious movement which followed.

Loving God. Loving People.

Our Leaders

At Cullybackey Methodist we have many leaders involved in various roles.

Alec and Angie Gregg

Alec and Angie, along with Dan Rosbotham, help organise the Youth Club.
Contact: danielrosbotham6@hotmail.co.uk

Alex & Clare Neilly

Alex co-ordinates our Sunday School with his wife Clare. Sunday School and Bible class meet every Sunday at 10:30am -11:30am. Sunday school is for kids aged 3-16 years old.
Contact: acegp@sky.com

Brian Hayes

The Boys Brigade is co-ordinated by Brian in Cullybackey Methodist.
Contact: bhayes258@hotmail.co.uk

Sally Rock

Sally co-ordinates the Loving Hands Craft Group. This group meets to create knitted garments for our community.
Contact: sarahrock5443@gmail.com

Peter and Tracy Black

Peter and Tracy co-ordinate the ‘Persist Until Something Happens’ fitness group which meets Thursdays 6:30pm-7:30pm.
Contact: tracybk@hotmail.co.uk

Yvonne Rock

Yvonne is the point of contact for the Bowling club which meets on Tuesday and Thursday night’s 7:30pm-9pm in the Methodist Church Hall.
Contact: yvonnerock82@gmail.com

Want to worship with us?

We are always delighted to have people join us on Sundays and especially mid week meetings. To help you settle in, get in contact with us.