Day of prayer – Wednesday 27th January 2021

On Wednesday 27th January we plan to hold a HALF DAY OF PRAYER. From 8 am to 8 pm we will divide the day up into half hour slots. You can ‘sign up’ for a slot by messaging David ( or Amy ( The sheet will be kept updated here on the church website and on Facebook. We are not too worried if there are some blank slots or if some have several people praying at the time, but we would like as many as possible to give at least one slot in the day to prayer, and hopefully have most of the slots in the day covered by someone. At 8.00 pm we will have the usual Bible study on zoom and then take some extra time to give to prayer together.

Our purpose to earnestly seek the Face of God at this time of crisis for our community and the whole world. Here are just a few general pointers to what we are praying for:

  • Those suffering with Covid and other illnesses with treatment delayed
  • All our medical staff and those who support them
  • Speedy and effective vaccinations
  • World and local political leaders who have difficult decisions to make
  • Those who are feeling very isolated, lonely and forgotten about
  • Our children and young people who are losing so much in their education and normal social development – and just the fun of being with their friends!
  • For our church family and that the Lord would teach us all valuable lessons in this crisis that will build us up in our faith
  • For those who do not know Jesus, (perhaps some close to us) that in these hard times they would come to faith


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